80/20 Principle For Self-Mastery

The “80/20 Rule” which is also called the “Pareto Principle” has powerful applications for productivity.

The idea is that 80% of your results are derived from 20% of the topics related to that.

To illustrate let’s imagine your fitness. Sleep, Diet, and Exercise would probably constitute 80% of the results for improving your health. But there are many lower value possibilities that can also play a factor. Fresh air, sunshine, music, decreasing exposure to blue light as you get closer to bed, taking ice baths, hot saunas, etc all also play a vital role. But they’re not the whole story. Improving one, while being valuable, provides much less bang for your buck than the primary 20%.

On the path of spiritual growth and personal development I like to focus most of our attention on the 20% that bring most of the results.

In many approaches in this field there is a great emphasis on things like astrology, divination, spells, rituals, incense, powers, reading, stones, getting together as a community, astral projection, inner world journeying, intuition, feng shui, manifestation, a priest/guru/teacher, etc.

These things are wonderful, but I would be lying if I said that I believed these things should lay the foundation of your experience.

For me these are things that can lead a person to having a very unreal, dreamy, in the clouds way of being when concentrated on as a base. People start to try to magic/pray problems away, they have a conversation in their imagination that they would like to have and imagine this was a chat with archangels, etc. When used as a foundation not only do these areas of focus become less effective, but their side effects can make a person unstable, confused, and unrealistic. I’ve often found these individuals to be struggling with basic conflicts and challenges for years at a time when most could be cleared up in a week of real honest effort.

The reason I’m so hard on this point is that I was one of them!

That’s how I started. My first years on the path from 1997-2004 were dominated by that approach. At great cost.

What then comprises the 20%?

#1 Spiritual Experience
This is composed of two pieces:
-The power of your ability/frequency of presence + absorption
-The depth of your lived experience of what you are at the core.

#2 Structure
This also has 2 components:
-Alignment(of your daily behaviors with your thoughts/words/deeds/beliefs/identity/goals/vehicles to meet your needs
-Strength of that alignment through repetition and intensity

#3 Introspection
This is how effectively you can observe a topic or a feeling until it’s true nature is finally revealed, the fundamental misperception is eliminated, and the problem is obsolete. This is the process through which the unconscious becomes conscious.

Once a solid foundation in these three primary domains of mastery has been laid, all other aspects of personal growth and spiritual development become staggeringly more effective and grounded in reality. But nothing carries the greatest bang for your buck returns than these three.

We will continue to deep dive into each of these more specific aspects in upcoming posts and productions. Opportunities to connect with me for direct support on your path are available.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

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