Adi is a wonderful "mirror" to our egos projections. He calls it as he sees it, with support and compassion to soften the impact but not the message. I really appreciate how be offers his own life experiences as examples; I don't feel so isolated and alone dealing with my ego's drama knowing someone else is also walking this path and sharing the experience.
Thank you Adi

Melissa Bird

Adi has taught me, by his example, the path of enlightenment within the extreme darkness of survival.

Adi (Shawn Zemba) has been an example to follow in every sense. In my first encounter with the Mahajrya (4 years ago), I was able to discern Shawn from within my tunnel of profound darkness. Adi’s presence is so strong that it managed to insert itself into my dark world. From that first visit to the Mahajrya group, all I can remember is the tenderness of Shivagam and Adi’s strength. With time, I have observed how Adi has transformed himself into an incredibly beautiful being, one day, just like that, as I was observing him, I got the distinct impression that he was a saint, and that he had the capacity of removing a person’s suffering in the moment he chose to do so. We would all line up to hug him under any pretext. At every seminar, I ask him to bless one of my small malas, which I use for a while and then give away to the people I most love; I give them as a form of protection.

It has not been necessary to cross more than two or three words with Adi in order for me to be immediately influenced by his power.

Adi’s power often “travels” within his sense of humour. On one occasion, I consulted him about an existential doubt, the question was: “Shawn, why is it that I feel that if I admit to having a relationship, I am negating the true love of my life?” And Adi responded “It’s because you have an awful lot of history and potential telling you that being in a relationship is a small experience of dependence and selfishness, in which people get involved because they have nothing better to do”. I burst out laughing; Adi knew what he was doing. Through that laughter, Adi contributed to my rescuing myself that same night.

Dolores Dorantes
El Paso, Texas

When I first came into contact with Shawn I thought I had gotten the golden ticket out of this world. My salvation was nigh and I was going to push through the rotten world that I could not get rid of. There was much fighting and constant confrontations with others and myself. There was only one man that was not aggressed with my behavior, and that was Shawn.

Being the only one who recognized what I expressed, offering solutions and different actions, I was willing to listen to him. I could not manage to oppress Shawn, so all that aggression bounced back for reflection.

I am glad to be able to say I met him, and that we continue to have contact.

His compassion never wavered no matter what I said or did, and he gave me the opportunity to take my life back and more.

Meeting Shawn was a gift, a challenge and an opportunity that I am glad I took.

I highly recommend experiencing the passion of Master Shawn Zemba.

Jonas Kåre Byström

My name is Carla G. I had an amazing time listening of what Shawn knows about life, he taught me something so important "there is not a problem" and the most important thing of that seminary it is that i finally found hope for a better way to live my life. He is a very wonderful soul. I thank to the universe for bring humans like him to everybody out there because there is a hope with his lessons thank you.

Carla G. Williamsburg VA.

Shawn has been instrumental through his kindness and compassion to help me to find what has always been there. I can't ever repay the gift that he has given me, I only hope that I can help others along the way sometime as well. If one is genuinely seeking a teacher you will find Shawn to be most compassionate and

Cliff Plegge

After only a few hours of meeting Shawn, I trusted him enough to share with him about a very personal, painful experience. He was compassionate and non-judgmental, and helped me see the experience in a spiritual light. He is a wise and generous teacher, and I'm grateful to call him my friend.

Cori Leach
El Paso, Texas

As a spiritual seeker we see opportunities and teachers in everyone. Because of this base, I was able to learn from Shawn without the traditional teacher-student relationship. Shawn is skilled and direct. You will have to develop fearlessness to communicate with him. Later I found compassion in this fearlessness but it was not easy. If you truly feel that your evolution is important, then Shawn can teach you. If you are willing to swallow your pride and challenge every assumption and limitation in place then you can learn from him. If you think you know him and what to expect next, you have fooled only yourself. Leave your expectations and attachments behind, you won't need them anymore! Bring your humility, gratitude and faith in self...oh and your notes!

Christopher O'Brien
Denver Colorado

I credit Shawn with nothing less than aiding my 'awakening'. I'd been drawn towards the supernatural all my life, but had always found myself unable to communicate with and explore it effectively, even after having read several books on contemporary Shamanism. Shawn pretty much showed me how; first by helping me to interpret my experiences and then by showing me how to do it all alone. The most significant period of spiritual growth in my life owes a great deal to Shawn's guidance.

Dan Capp
Buckinghamshire, England

If you are reading this is because you want to know who Shawn is, whether he is worth your trust and whether you are going to learn something from him. I found that Shawn works a lot like a mirror: you look at yourself following his teachings. So the true questions are: who are you, are you worth your investigation to discover yourself and what can you learn from yourself?

Everything Shawn taught me with patience, clarity and fun was focused on realizing that I have my own life in my hands: now I can really decide what to do about it, because I know I am in charge. So, if you really want to improve your life, drop Shawn a line. If you are too scared to change deeply, stay far away from him!

Thank you Shawn...

Fabio, Italy

From the first moment I saw you in Mexico, something led me intensely towards you and the first class on fusion I took you made me feel that something was going to change, and it has been so. Your love, compassion, devotion and power in that class made me BELIEVE in you without a shadow of a doubt and I can now see the divine intention of everything!


 You helped me in every way possible to destroy my structures, I can count with you when I have issues in my path cause I feel your simplicity. In a talk or class you are simple and it's very easy to understand the point without drama, hope and power are some of the feelings when you guide a class. I love your fusion class!

Andrea Conde ~Mexico

With your great mastering I could feel hope cause I was in a hole in that moment, u was an inspiration for me and for my evolution and I feel so much love from you! You are a great teacher and I feel your power in your class.  

Lucia Conde ~ Mexico

Shawn Zemba has been a good friend to me all these years. I've had some issues with self esteem and anxiety for years and Shawn has always been the voice of reason when I thought there was nothing left to hang on to. He has helped me through several hard times and has changed my perspective on life into something more positive and fulfilling. I owe him a great debt and could not thank him enough for being there for me all these years. Whether it was listening to me vent, or providing sincere and beneficial advice, Shawn has been an invaluable friend I would not want to lose.

Alex Paulino 
Haverhill, Massachusetts

Hi I just gonna say thanks for the great time at the seminar I learned and get more awareness of many accesibles tools to organice the areas of my life that I want to improve, the way to involve the body, to be more focused in the areas that at this moment are weaker, reach a balance that will allow me to be more aligned to my goals.

And a lot of many fucking great things.

Beyond that I spend a fantastic time sharing with all the group and creating new connections.

Just very richs days

Thanks for everything. Hope see you soon.

Ivi Mobilia ~Argentina

In this course, Shawn showed us a path toward living our lives more fully and completely, without restraints. Starting from a rich, scientific background, he handed us efficient, powerful tools to work toward more alignment with our personal and professional goals. The mix of theory, group exercises, personal contemplations, feedback and anecdotes created a powerful flow that made the 12 hrs. of teaching a day fly by. The 1-on-1 session at the end of the seminar, was the cherry on the pie: we got a profound and clear view on how to implement all of the wisdom, knowledge and techniques into our personal situations. Now, weeks after the seminar, I can say with my hand on my heart: this was a life changing experience! The techniques are causing the desired shift AND they are easy to apply, even while working fulltime and having a busy family life. Thank you very much, Shawn!"

Belinda Blommaert ~ Belgium