Enlightened methods to address common issues such as:


Intimate Relationships Intimate relationships are among the most challenging situations we can encounter.
Social Relationships Social relationships are among the most important bonds we have. They can bring so much satisfaction to our lives, and so much misery.
Health Health is a vital component to our happiness, that when inhibited can lead to much pain.
Addiction Addiction can be a most terrible jailer.
Finances In life, financial matters are of paramount importance.
Accomplishment A feeling of accomplishment can make life worth the hardships, but without it we often feel empty.

  Elevate perception

Atma Yoga: Awaken perception as the soul.

Aikya Yoga: Discover a Divine level of experience. Many have used these practices for the side effects of developing supernatural abilities.

Ati Yoga: Unity beyond the level of oneness. Non-distinct experience. Consistent practice will eventually lead you to Bramha Yoga, discovery of yourself as the Creator, as Bramha, The Father, Eheieh, Dao, God.

 Purify desire

Kama Chakra: Teachings and spiritual practices to lead you to understanding, purifying, and elevating your desire.

Self-Containment: Providing for your own needs through soul rather than seeking an external source.

Alchemy of Desire: Learn to transmute animal and human desire to soul and Divine levels of experience. Become free of the forces that drive you and exist in peaceful simplicity.


Self-Awareness: Being Conscious of the Self.

Four States of Mindfulness: Four facets of Mindfulness Practice.

Embodiment: Becoming aware of and existing consciously at all levels of being.

Virtue: Cultivate Divine qualities that will empower you more than constant ritual and spiritual practice.

Application of Wisdom: Learn to utilize wisdom to better your life rather than remaining stuck at the level of understanding.

Non-Action: Everything you seem to do is empowered by the totality of the universe.

Manifestation Ritual: Making your intentions tangible through the science of manifestation.

Pratyahara Avatar: Discrediting the senses, giving more importance to the information delivered by consciousness, yet remaining fully active and embodied in the world.

 Integration of experience

Integration: The trademark wisdom of my master. Discover Truth through purification of ego, perception, and desire. When practiced to a level of mastery this wisdom brings understanding of experience, defeats suffering, dissolves anything that has power over you, healing the heart, and clearing karmic patterns.

 Human conditionning

Programming the Subconscious Mind: Learn how the Subconscious Mind works. Reprogram it to eliminate resistance to life, and your efforts. Create an unstoppable momentum of success. No more fighting yourself. Learn to make the human planes willing to accept greater intervention from higher consciousness.

Building the Self-Image: The Self-Image is the sum-total of your beliefs. Healing this portion of the identity restores confidence and can help you reach your potential, making life easier.

Training the Animal: Get your body and instincts to work with you on your spiritual path, rather than fighting every step of the way.

Passion: No need for will-power. Create a desire that will make the achievement of your ambitions a natural outcome. Burn through obstacles with ease.


Kuji-In: Modern variation of the Japanese practice. Invokes philosophical concepts rather than the deities they represented. This variation utilizes Sanskrit mantras as opposed to the Japanese to encourage greater evolution. This is a system of Self-Mastery bringing spiritual awareness down into human experience. Everything in life is accelerated through the practices of Kuji-In, making everything operate much more efficiently.

Five Elements: The Five states that compose creation. Can be used for many purposes, healing, awareness, purification, grounding, and much more. Gives you the extra resources to do what you desire.

Operation of Forces: Use Occidental and Oriental Esoteric techniques to become aware of the various forces that operate in the world, and learn to command them.


Reiki: Healing practice introduced by Mikao Usui that utilizes universally available energy to produce our assist healing.

Healing Mantras: There are many phrases and prayers that facilitate specific healing effects.

Integration: Use of the gaze to dissolve density that inhibits health.

Atma Bhujam: This is a technique based off of the practice of Integration that helps you to treat and diagnose a wide variety of ailments. "Hands of the Soul."

Path of the Saint: A series of contemplations that lead you to developing a Holy Attitude, freeing the heart and mind.

 Understanding ancient wisdom

Shawn offers dogma-free interpretation of scripture from many cultures to bring an expanded, freeing understanding of words that may have often been abused or misunderstood.


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