Shawn Zemba is a Spiritual Master
based out of the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

The Path of Mastery is a personal journey of self-discovery. Each step leads us inevitably towards awakening our potential.

The Path of Mastery approach to personal emancipation was designed by modern occidental spiritual master: Shawn Zemba. It uses the attainment of the student's own ambitions as a means to evolve spiritually.

Everyone wants something, whether it's to lose weight, to get over a heart-break, to attain a goal, become powerful, attract money, or find enlightenment. This program will use the steps required to achieve these objectives as an expedient means to arrive at self-fulfillment.

In this context: "mastery" or "self-mastery" means to be in charge of your own experience. We may not be able to change what has already happened to us, but we can take command of our internal environment, and using esoteric sciences, learn to transform all aspects of our lives. Favorable outcomes are the natural result of working in harmony with life, rather than in opposition to it.

In this case "spiritual master" refers to one who masters spiritual wisdom, and teaches others to do the same. There is no concept of hierarchy. No allegiance, just personal growth.

We all would like to take advantage of the power possessed by our inner potential. Most of the time, this potential goes untapped, and we remain stuck in a struggle against life, fighting events, and wishing things were different than they are. Through following the Path of Mastery, this innate divine essence can be accessed, and life events will only spur us towards greater realization.

People of all faiths can walk the Path of Mastery. Shawn studies Christianity, Kabbalah, Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Shamanism, Yoga, Qigong, and other approaches so that he can appropriately address whoever seeks the wisdom, and tailor the path to them.

Self-Mastery can eliminate the struggles that seem inherent with modern life. Many people feel that spirituality and our daily lives are in conflict. This couldn't be further from the truth. There is no need to retreat to a distant mountain or temple to be free of distractions. We can use going to work, interacting with family, and managing affairs as a way to learn, and master the events that some would consider a hindrance, thus freeing ourselves of them completely.

The Path of Mastery is the way of being spiritual in the world. It is designed for people who have real, busy lives. But just because your day is full of activity doesn't mean your heart and mind can't be resting in tranquility and peace.


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