If you would like more information please fill out this application. There is no obligation. It will allow me to determine if I can help you, and what tools may be most beneficial for your situation.

In order to work with you I'm going to ask you to be as honest as you can be about your situation. If you're having trouble affording the training, let me know, we can make arrangements. If you can't commit as much time as you thought, or if you'd like things to slow down, just tell me. If you haven't been following the instructions, I understand, but I have to know to modify the training to your needs.

Depending on your situation, the price of training can vary. There will be a one time initiation fee, and each month by during the second week there will be a single payment for guidance. The exact price will be determined at the start of the program, and will not change unless your situation changes dramatically. There are no refunds but you can stop or freeze your membership at any time with an email and discontinuation of payment.

I will take on some students who will simply make a donation of some kind each month to symbolize an exchange. However, I must pay my bills, therefore the more people that pay, the more people I can work with that do not have the financial means.

If you do not commit to the minimum of practice, or suggestions, I will write to you to terminate your training. I do not want to spend time with those who don't want to do the work, or those who merely want to satisfy intellectual curiosity. If I determine that I cannot bring you efficient results, I will confirm the end of your training, and I will give you some recommendations for where else to look.

As long as I feel that the training can work for you, and you follow the honesty, work, and payment guidelines to the best of your ability, you can continue as long as you'd like.


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